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Anybody operating business grade IT environments eventually runs into questions that are easiest answered by asking an unbiased outsider with new ideas and experience in the particular subject.

Technical Coaching

I help junior colleagues to come to grips with their new responsibilities in technical management as well as advanced technical roles, drawing on my technical and organizational experience.

Operations Management

Smoothly running IT environments take both technical and organizational skills. I support my customers with both.

Technologies, ...

While IPv6 is currently my main focus of interest I still frequently work on infrastructure issues and ways to improve the reliabiliability and efficiency of IT environments.

... their Deployment

I advise my customers on how to integrate new technologies into their existing IT architecture and how to plan and execute their setup and launch.

... and their Operation

After launch I help my customers to establish the experience and routines needed to ensure the smooth operations expected from any business IT environment.


After the Boom: A Health Check for IT Systems. Deutsch English
(GUUG Frühjahrsfachgespräch, 2003)

Never Touch a Running System – Wir warten erst, bis nichts mehr geht. Deutsch
(sage@GUUG Karlsruhe, 2003)

"Never Touch..." Revisited – Ein Versuch zur Ursachenforschung. Deutsch
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Zuverlässigkeit vor, hinter, unter und über dem Cluster. Deutsch
(GUUG Uptimes, 2005)

Building Large IT Systems. English
(sage@GUUG Frankfurt, 2002)

How to Make Sure that Nobody will Ever Use My Excellent Software (Twice). English
(EuroBSDCon 2006, Milan, Italy)

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