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IPv6 Kickoff—Getting a Head Start

During the vital first steps towards IPv6 I help you to keep focused on your particular needs and requirements.

With fifteen years of experience in IT operations and setup, and six years in running IPv6 with customers of various businesses, I ensure that you meet your specific requirements, too.

Scope of Services

During a two day visit at your site I interview the managers and technical personnel involved to gather the informations necessary and simultaneously provide them with essential IPv6 knowledge.

Within a week afterwards I prepare the documents listed to the right and send them to you.


Within Germany I charge 2900€ plus VAT, including expenses, for a two day visit and the preparation of the documents.

For visits outside Germany and additional services please contact me for a custom quote.


As-is Analysis
First I assess the technical and business information about your environment with regard to its peculiarities concerning an IPv6 deployment.

Implementation Strategy
Next I devise a strategy how to implement IPv6 in your environment in an economically sound way. I take particular care to take other activities in your environment into account, aiming to leverage synergies by avoiding duplicated work.

Risk Analysis
In a risk matrix I identify the potential risks you should monitor and how to detect and handle them before they become critical.

Security Assessment
Finally I analyze the impact of IPv6 on the security of your environment. I suggest countermeasures to deal with the inevitable issues any new technology occasionally introduces. Beyond that I present options IPv6 offers to improve the security of your environment.

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