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IPv6 Projects—When Knowledge and Experience Matter

Deploying IPv6 is often possible without external help if started early enough. But if time is scarce, the consequences of a failed project would be dire or you are simply short of qualified personnel, I help you to get IPv6 up and running.

Scope of Services

Even before the project launch I offer services to put it on the right track. You find some details about my approach here.

If your IT personnel doesn't yet have the necessary experience with IPv6, I offer customized workshops that effectively bring them up to speed.

During the project I support you in any way that deems helpful. To the right you find a list of tasks that I have experience in. Which of those I actually take care of depends largely on the particularities of the project and which skills are most urgently needed.

After the project, during the production launch, I continue to support you until you run IPv6 as comfortably and reliably as you do IPv4 today.


Since this largely depends on location and kind of project please contact me for a custom quote.


Project Planning and Management: In case you don't want to assign the project management role internally.

Risk Management: It always pays to prepare in advance for what otherwise would be unpleasant surprises.

Technical Design: IPv6 wants to be integrated into your business, not the other way round.

Security Design: Done right, IPv6 can improve the security of your environment.

Installation and Configuration Support: I have the experience and routine you may be initially lacking.

Monitoring Adaption Support: Not only should everything work flawlessly, you also want to be sure about that at all times.

Documentation: In the future you still want to be able to understand why and how your setup works.

Testing: It always helps to find and fix problems before launch.

Rollout Support: During rollout there shouldn't be any serious problems, but it is always reassuring to have as much know-how as possible available.

Software Porting Support: I help you to add IPv6 support to your software.

Technical Advisor: When tackling a new technology, it always helps to have a "resident guru" around.

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