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IPv6 Workshops—Know What You Need to Know

IPv6 is a technology that has been kept intentionally simple, partly because it gets rid of many of the legacies IPv4 has accumulated over the decades. Still, the first steps in this yet unfamiliar world are difficult even to seasoned professionals.

In my workshops I make people acquainted with the IPv6 way of thinking, emphasizing the issues relevant to real world operations.

Scope of Services

The workshops take place at your location.

During the workshop I provide a VMware server with pre-built test systems and, if needed, a Cisco router.


Depending on particular customer requirements and within Germany I typically charge around 1400 € for the first and 1200 € for subsequent days, plus VAT and travel expenses.

For training providers with their own infrastructure, locations outside Germany and additional services please contact me for a custom quote.


Every workshop is largely shaped by the needs and interests of the participants, but still there are several topics that are so commonly requested that I designed them as semi-standardized modules.

Introduction (1 day)
A comprehensive introduction to IPv6, its features and limitations. This module is the foundation of every workshop, while all others are integrated into it as requested.

Lab Exercises (½–3 days)
Installation, configuration, operations and troubleshooting. Topics and extent are defined by the specific needs of the customer.

Deployment and Migration (½–1 day)
Approaches and tips regarding the introduction of IPv6.

Security Aspects (½–1 day)
The security impact of IPv6 and the features it offers to improve security.

Application Development and Porting (½–1 day)
Things to keep in mind when developing IPv6 enabled software, how to port existing software and how to use the new features of IPv6.

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