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Since 2003 my primary work focus is on IPv6. Different to most others actively involved at that time, right from the start I was most of all interested in the professional use of IPv6 in production environtments—while the protocol details are quite exciting by themselves, I still consider their knowledge mostly a means to an end.

Deployment and Migration

From a technical point of view an IPv6 deployment isn't particularly challenging.

IPv6 Projects

Sometimes there is no substitute for the combination of knowledge and experience. I provide projects with both.

But being an infrastructure, IPv6 may possibly affect virtually all elements of an IT environment, so its deployment still requires particular care and diligence.

Getting Started

IPv6 is a technology that is known to few but affects many, and as such it is accompanied by its share of misunderstandings and economically motivated lies.

IPv6 Kickoff (Consulting)

For customers who want to get started with IPv6 without unecessary trouble I have devised a suitable offer.

In consequence, tackling IPv6 isn't easy, neither from a management nor technical perspective.

IPv6 Workshops

My workshops offer you an effective and reliable way to get started with IPv6.

As a vendor independent consultant and trainer I help you to come to grips with IPv6 without hitting the avoidable pitfalls.

IPv6 in Practice

IPv6 in Practice—A Unixer's Guide to the Next Generation Internet is my first book on IPv6, written from the perspective of a Unix administrator, including examples for Debian, FreeBSD and Solaris. The table of contents, the index and online supplements covering Net-/OpenBSD and Fedora are available online.


I have also written several papers and talk manuscripts on IPv6.

Additionally, through the years I occasionally wrote some small IPv6 programs. Some of them should be useful as such, others may serve as working demo code for other developers.


I frequently offer IPv6-related talks and various public seminars.

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