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Whenever IT projects temporarily need any specific knowledge, skill or experience I have I am happy to support them.

Updating Existing IT Environments

I support my customers to update and adapt their operational IT environments to keep up with technical evolution and changing business requirements.

Introducing New Technologies

With the never-ending stream of new technologies, I support my customers to learn about them, evaluate their relevance, choose among them and introduce them into their environments with minimal efforts and service disruptions.

Project Management

Combining technological knowledge and professional project management I lead my customer's IT projects to success.

Using my experience in IT operations I take particular care to ensure that the project's results can actually used in a production environment.

Risk Management

I support customers who want to manage their business risks properly with the discovery, assessment and control of their risks.


How to Make Sure that Nobody will Ever Use My Excellent Software (Twice). English
(EuroBSDCon 2006, Milan, Italy)

Building Large IT Systems. English
(sage@GUUG Frankfurt, 2002)

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