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IT Security

Despite the widespread belief that IT security is the quick and complete application of security patches, recent scandals around the world show that this attitude is by far insufficient.

Security must be taken into consideration throughout all aspects of an IT environment to avoid severe security leaks; in consequence IT security shouldn't be considered its own topic but a facet of all components of an IT environment.

I help my customers to achieve an adequate level of IT security while minimizing ill effects on everyday use and operation.

Architecture and Design

By considering security a key requirement during the architecture and design of an IT environment it is possible to keep the potential attack vectors to an absolute minimum.

Especially when building new IT environments I advise my customers on how to address security right from the beginning.


Besides the technical architecture its organizational counterpart, business processes concerning IT operations, play a significant role in the overall security of any IT environment.

I analyze the defined and actually applied business processes used in the operation of my customer's IT environment to discover security weaknesses. Subsequently I develop suggestions on how to improve their security.

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