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TCP/IP-Netze und das Internet

Keeping up with the rapid evolution of TCP/IP networks and the Internet is a fulltime job. I relieve my customers from much of this work— with or without IPv6.

Technology Assessment

Anybody who doesn't want to be entirely dependent on a single vendor frequently finds himself trapped between different terminologies established by competing vendors. Without a "dictionary" it is almost impossible to compare their products.

I help my customers to define their specific needs, and then to derive objective requirements and criteria that let them compare the vendors' products.

Updates and Streamlining

Networks are a somewhat troublesome mixture of shortlived products like routers and switches on one hand and long term assets like building and data center cabling or WAN line leases on the other.While server hardware choices are largely driven by software releases, networks simply tend to grow with whatever technologies are available and known at the time of growth. This frequently leads to "historically grown "network environments.

I help my customers to keep their networks streamlined and up to date by replacing inefficient legacies and designing for long term usability.


Throughout the years I have held a number of public talks on TCP/IP networks and written several papers, documentation and code; at least some of them are available online.

Of course I am especially proud of my first book, IPv6 in Practice—A Unixer's Guide to the Next Generation Internet.

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