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Customers who must come to grips with a new topic quickly and reliably frequently book me for trainings and workshops.

In-house Workshops

In customer specific internal workshops I provide my customers with my knowledge and experience combined with guided hands-on experience and the opportunity to openly discuss the subject in their particular context.

Many of my customers greatly value these workshops which combine conventional training seminars with on-the-spot customer specific consulting.

Public Seminars

In cooperation with several renown training providers I also offer frequent public seminars to customers who are more interested in sharing experiences with other users than in discussing their particular needs.

The "Virtual Data Center"

For hands on network and Unix workshops I use a custom tailored mobile training environment including a VMWare server, a Cisco router and assorted network hardware.

Sample Trainings

Among others I have held these or similar trainings for various customers in the past. Consider them a suggestion rather than a fixed catalogue.

IPv6 in 90 minutes: A crash course for decision makers
IPv6 deployment strategies
IPv6 with Unix
Solaris administration for other Unixers
IPv6 programming with the socket API extensions
Unix network programming with C
Secure software development

Seminars scheduled in the near futured can be found here.

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